1.How could you sell these items for such a low price?
Most authorized dealers have a markup of 50% - 100% on any given timepiece. They need to do this because an average store only sells one or two big ticket items per day. We have a very large volume of sales, and therefore a small margin on any given item. We purchase in very large quantities at significantly discounted prices, and sell in large quantities online. 2.How can I tell if an item is in stock and available for immediate shipping?
All items which are in stock and are ready for immediate shipping will state " IN STOCK " in red at the top right portion of the page, as well as in the item description. If an item is not in stock, the lead time for that item will indicated in the item description.
3.How soon will my order ship?
All In Stock items will be processed and shipped within 1-2 business days.
4.I have just received a tracking number from you, however FedEx does not have any record of my shipment.
Tracking numbers are generated at the time of processing and emailed to you immediately, however they cannot be tracked at www.FedEx.com until after 5pm Pacific Time (8pm Eastern Time). After that time, your package can be tracked at www.fedex.com, or by calling 1-800-GO-FEDEX (463-3339).
5.Which forms of payment do you accept?
US Orders: For all US orders below $5,000, we accept bank wire transfer and Western Union. For items above $5,000, the only acceptable forms of payment are bank wire transfer, check, or money order.
International Orders: The only acceptable forms of payment for all other nations are American Express (issued by Amex) or a bank wire transfer. There are certain nations to which we are unable to accept American Express, in which case we can only accept a bank wire transfer as a form of payment. Please email us to see if we can accept American Express from your country. 6.How can I get a 5% discount on my purchase?
The 5% discount applies to all watches priced below $5,000 that are shipping within the 30 United States. Payment must be bank wire transfer and Western Union to receive the discount. 7.What is the fastest way to receive the watch and receive the 5% discount?
The fastest way to obtain the watch is to remit payment with a bank wire transfer (24 to 48 hours) or Western Union(0.1 to 3 hours). All checks will be held for a minimum of 10 business days.
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